Stratpoint Partners with OutSystems to Deliver Custom Applications to Top Filipino Brands

Stratpoint Technologies now uses OutSystems to help its customers build applications fast, right, and for the future. OutSystems is a modern application delivery platform, recognized as a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrants for both low-code and multi-experience application development.

For Stratpoint, adding OutSystems to its technology stack enables the veteran technology solutions provider to transform its own software development experience, and, ultimately, its customers’ end user experience.

Stratpoint has worked with OutSystems to deliver applications to top corporations in the Philippines, including telecommunications giant Globe Telecom and multi-awarded retail banker UnionBank.

Field service app deployed in weeks Globe and Stratpoint leveraged the modern application development capabilities of OutSystems to create a Field Service platform. In 4 weeks, they launched a working product for its technicians and engineers. The application was continuously updated and improved with features like vendor management, learning modules, and on-site troubleshooting knowledge repository. The application facilitates a fully digital process to assign job orders and disseminate technical information to its field agents, enabling them to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Future-ready self-service banking UnionBank and Stratpoint centered the bank’s application modernization efforts on OutSystems. It is currently transitioning from a monolithic to a microservice approach for the UnionBank Online App, the self-service banking app available to UnionBank’s millions of customers. An API Services platform is also being developed to serve as a central connection hub and management for all applications — regardless of whether it is based on OutSystems. With this setup, all UnionBank apps will be ready to expand in functionalities and to communicate with each other in the future.

M.R. dela Cruz, CEO of Stratpoint, shares, “As a veteran in software development, Stratpoint has witnessed how end users embrace one new technology after another, always demanding something better each time. Applications are always needed yesterday, and it is a never-ending quest to deliver value earlier. With OutSystems, we can deliver applications to the market much, much faster and with top-notch quality. Instead of asking ‘are we on track’ or ‘do we have all the features’, the question becomes ‘what new apps and tech experiences should we delight users with tomorrow?’”

Saravanan Subramaniam, Channel leader for OutSystems APAC, explains, “It is an honor for OutSystems to be partners with a respected Filipino tech company. We are confident that they understand and can deliver the best solutions for their clients and a demanding market. We are here to equip Stratpoint as an official Sales and Delivery Partner with the tools and capabilities that they need to leverage OutSystems. With OutSystems, Stratpoint takes their business to a new level — they can innovate applications fast and get them ready for the future and for any economic climate.”

Recently, Stratpoint earned the OutSystems Sales Partner and Delivery Partner badges and is one of the selected few to carry the titles in the Philippines. This means that Stratpoint maintains a high level of expertise in the OutSystems platform through training, certification, and successful implementations.

About Stratpoint

Stratpoint enables digital transformation, delivering enterprise-grade solutions globally for more than 20 years. We specialize in agile software development, cloud, data, AI, and emerging technologies.  

About Outsystems

OutSystems was founded in Portugal in 2001 with the mission to give every organization the power to innovate through software. The OutSystems application platform’s high productivity, connected, and AI assisted tools help developers rapidly build and deploy a full range of applications anywhere the organization requires. With more than 350,000 community members, 1,200 employees, 300 partners, and thousands of active customers in over 60 countries and across 22 industries, OutSystems has achieved tremendous global scale while helping organizations change the way they develop applications. Visit us at  

February 8, 2021


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